Hard Hikes in the Stehekin Valley
from the Stehekin Valley Guide Book

McGregor Mountain is a fine choice if you desire to gain some elevation for a grand view.  This 8149' mountain had a fire lookout at one time and you can be sure that wherever you  find an old lookout site you will find a magnificent 360 degree view.  It is 6.8 miles to Heaton Camp from High Bridge which is the only campsite on the mountain.  From here the trail takes you about another quarter mile to where the trail ends and a rock scramble begins.  While this is not a technical climb it does have a high degree of exposure so use good judgment on whether or not you want to continue from this point.  If you do decide to continue do not head straight toward the peak which has the repeater antenna on it.  Start out on the right side of the scree slope and angle to your left toward the solid rock and you should start seeing painted blazes to mark the route.  The route will take you through a notch a couple hundred yards to the left of the summit and from there you will gain the peak from the backside.  For other options see the section under easy hikes on Coon Lake and McGregor Mountain.

Purple Creek Trail.  This trail starts at the Stehekin Landing just pass the Golden West Lodge.  Like many of the trails in the area you go as far as you would like to and return since this is not a loop trail.  Good views of the lake and the lower valley begin at about 3 miles.  For those more ambitious start early and hike 8 miles to 6800' Purple Pass.  If you still have some energy left go approximately one-half mile, further to Boulder Butte, there is a former fire lookout site with a supreme view.

Goode Ridge Trail.  This trail takes you five miles with an elevation gain of 4400' to the brow of Goode Ridge, an old Forest Service fire lookout location.  Although the trail is somewhat relentless in its pursuit of the ridge, it is a good trail with decent tread and grade.  If you desire to work for a superb nearly 360 degree view, this is the trail to take as it is very possible to do between shuttle buses for anybody in reasonably good condition.  On a hot day bring lots of water and be prepared to jump into a marvelous (but cold) swimming hole when you arrive back at Bridge Creek.

Park Creek Trail.  This trail takes off  above where Park Creek crosses the Stehekin Road.  The first part of this trail leads you steeply upward for a couple of miles and then becomes quite gentle until you arrive at Five Mile Camp where you break out of the timber for a glorious view of Buckner Mountain.  Three miles farther would bring you to Park Creek Pass but it is not practical to go that far because of the time limitations in between shuttle buses.

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